When Is The Best Time Of The Year To Move House

There isn’t a generic answer to this question.  However,  we can look at some of the considerations when you’re trying to decide what the best time to move house is for you. Before signing that deal and calling the trusty removalists, look at these few pointers to determine when to move. Being as flexible as possible is the key. 


When Is The Best Time Of The Year To Move House | InTime Removalist

If the season is the only consideration, then summer is one of the best times of year to move. Longer days give you more time to finish the move, and warmer weather makes adjusting to a new house a pleasant experience. The problem with relocating in the summer is that many people take leave, and to find a removalist and estate agent may be problematic over December and early January. Also, money is sometimes a little tight in January after the excesses of Christmas and New Year’s. Straight after that, the school holidays finish, and children go back to school in early February. For these reasons, spring is the busiest time for estate agents and removalists. If you can wait a few months, there is a better likelihood of finding a better deal. 

School Calendar

If you don’t have school-going children, this won’t make much difference to you, except that you may find a better deal outside of school holidays. If you have children at school, you want to disrupt their studies as little as possible, so try to arrange any move around the school calendar. In this case, late January is the best time to move, allowing your children to settle in their new home before starting at a new school. 

Day of the Week

The weekend is the busiest time for removal services because many people can’t take time off work. If you can move during the week, then any day from Monday to Thursday is good. Book your removalist for the early morning and finish your preparations the day before. By doing that, you remove the stress of having to unpack everything in a limited time and possibly sleep between boxes and belongings that you haven’t found a space for yet. 

Personal Circumstances

Moving house is always stressful. Try to avoid relocating during times of the year that are already stressful for you. The holiday season is the worst time to get anything done because everybody’s minds are on parties, barbeques, and what presents to buy. Other stress factors could be pregnancy, changing jobs, or severe illness or death in the family. 


Deciding on the best time of year to change residence is a personal decision, influenced by your unique circumstances. A few of the main points to think about are:

  • Season
  • School calendar
  • Day of the week
  • Time of the day
  • Personal circumstances

Once you have thought about these points, you may have a better idea of the best time to move. If you can freely arrange your life, then early Tuesday morning in late January is the best time of year to relocate.

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